Free WordPress Plugins

Free WordPress Plugins That Help You to Improve On-Page SEO

As one of the Leading CMS, WordPress is widely used across the world and is most popular for its easy-to-use features and plugins. WordPress has plugins for every possible task and it didn’t need too much technical knowledge, that’s why it is the most used CMS (Over 455 million websites use WordPress) in the world.

Here are the Most Popular WordPress SEO Plugins.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a search engine optimization plugin that helps optimize pages and blogs, publishing posts, creating Sitemap and Robots files, schema, etc., Yoast also defines the length of Title and Meta Description by showing the indicator and it allows us to target keywords. With the help of the Yoast plugin, we can check the readability score and SEO score of any page and blog and this is the reason why you should consider Yoast to improve your On-Page SEO.

Yoast offers both free and paid plans, you can target only one keyword per page with the free plan.

Rank Math

Rank Math is another SEO plugin similar to Yoast but Rank Math has some features that Yoast doesn’t have. You can setup target=”_blank” and rel=”nofollow” in just one click. This plugin has a 404 monitoring feature, when there is a 404 page this plugin will notify and you can easily redirect 404 or faulty URLs on your site with a single click. Rank Math also offers the newly “IndexNow” feature. The Local SEO feature will help you to improve your local SEO such as Google My Business.


All in One SEO also have some similar features to Yoast and Rank Math. But you can analyze your entire website and find out the critical issues with the help of the “SEO Audit Checklist”. AIOSEO also offers a unique feature “Link Assistant”, this feature helps us in internal linking. With “Video SEO Sitemaps” you can rank in Google’s video carousel and get high traffic.


SEOPress is a white label SEO plugin, with the help of this plugin you can easily manage Meta titles, Meta descriptions, snippets, etc. SEOPress offers an instant index feature to index your content on search engines (Google and Bing). You can also create an HTML sitemap along with an XML sitemap to improve visibility on the search.


All of the plugins above have both paid and free plans and each one has its unique features. You can choose one the best according to your need and expertise.

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