SEO vs PPC: Which Should You Consider?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay per Click Marketing) are both Search engine marketing strategies that we use to appear on Google’s 1st page to get higher user traffic. When it comes to comparing SEO vs PPC, both are the essential part of Search Engine Marketing. And both have their pros and cons.

Difference between SEO vs PPC

Search engine optimization is known for organic or non-paid. There are so many factors (On-Page and Off-Page) to list on googles’ organic search results. On the other hand Pay per click is a paid search engine marketing strategy, which we often use to get instant results and ranking in search engines.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a practice to appear in search engines without spending any cost. And SEO is also an investment because it takes time to rank in search engines, Depending on On-Page optimization, backlinks strategies, user experience, and many other SEO factors. There is no hard and fast rule to rank higher in google and any other search engines. SEO will help you in building the brand, creating awareness about your product or services, getting organic website traffic, getting trust and credibility, and also it is a sustainable module.

What is PPC?

Pay per Click is a paid advertising model which used for quick results. These results are shown on the top of the organic search result on Google. And you have to pay for every single click called CPC (Cost per Click). With PPC you can target your audience by keywords, geography, and language. Also, PPC will help you in Brand visibility over the search and 3rd party google partner’s websites. PPC allows you full control of the budget and you can optimize the CPC for your ad copy.

Which One Should You Choose SEO vs PPC?

Both Search engine marketing strategy have their benefits, SEO is free but requires a lot of technical knowledge and PPC is quick result oriented. Those who need instant web traffic to their website instead of investing time should consider pay per click. And those who want to build brands should focus on SEO. Although it is good to use pay-per-click and SEO together.


With both search engine marketing Strategy SEO and PPC, you can achieve the best results. SEO and PPC work differently in terms of getting conversions and leads. It is an optimal approach to mix your search engine marketing strategy for getting long-term results and stability or sustainability.

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